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Thanksgiving Celebration for the Homeless

AQUA Corps's Annual Thanksgiving Celebration for the Homeless is our most well-known event. In fact, it was our first event! The night before Thanksgiving, fifty homeless individuals from Camden and fifty homeless individuals from Philadelphia are picked up on a limo bus and taken to a wedding hall in South Jersey. Once inside, volunteers serve our dignified guests a catered turkey dinner. Our guests and volunteers dance together and enjoy a live band! At the end of the evening, our guests are given a winter coat and several pairs of socks.

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Beautification Projects

AQUA Corps has organized several projects where our volunteers helped beautify and revitalize spaces in our community that are designated for helping those in need. Our volunteers have painted a local shelter, painted and cleaned the kitchen at St. Paul's Church where we hold our Sunday Dinners, clean and decorate the TOUCH NJ Food Bank, and more! AQUA Corps hopes that by making these spaces brighter, we will create an environment for hope, change, and service.

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Basket Drives

AQUA Corps coordinates basket drives for various holidays. This past November, AQUA Corps volunteers gathered 150 baskets complete with all of the necessities for a Thanksgiving Dinner, including the frozen turkey, sides, dessert, and even decorations! These baskets were personally hand delivered by our volunteers to the doors of families in the Camden County. Just at the start of the 2013 Spring season, AQUA Corps prepared 100 baskets with toys and candy for children in the Camden area.

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Health Fair for the Homeless

AQUA Corps assisted in organizing the first Health Fair for the Homeless in Camden in partnership with St. Paul's Church, Planned Parenthood, American Red Cross, and more. AQUA volunteers staffed the event and provided lunch to the guests. This health fair was such a success, AQUA and St. Paul's have decided to hold it twice each year.

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