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AQUA Corps, Inc. exists to create positive change in individuals from vulnerable populations and in the lives of our volunteers who assist them. AQUA facilitates these transformative experiences by offering assistance in the trenches of underserved communities
in unique and memorable ways.


What We Do

  • Serving Dinner at Joseph's House

    AQUA Corps volunteers​ come together in the kitchen at Joseph's House to prepare a meal for the guests of the emergency shelter in Camden.
  • Philadelphia Homeless Outreach

    Every Sunday, over one hundred homeless and hungry individuals know they can count on a meal from AQUA Corps. AQUA has developed a presence in Kensington by providing consistent weekly meals, clothing, and support. AQUA volunteers join together to prepare 100+ bagged lunches. Each volunteer contributes something different for the lunches ranging from oranges to bottled water. After the team prepares the lunches, the group goes to Kensington and sets up tables in the same place each week. Word has spread about this new AQUA group on Kensington Avenue who are offering assistance. The community members are extremely grateful; frequently thanking us for even coming into Kensington. On their first visit, our new volunteers learn the history and current state of Kensington as well as experiencing it. AQUA volunteers also provide outreach information regarding homeless services and shelters.
  • Camden Homeless Dinners

    On the 2nd Sunday of each month, AQUA Corps hosts the Sunday Dinner for the Homeless at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Camden, NJ. AQUA volunteers meet at the church in the early evening to prepare the main dish. AQUA Corps volunteers each contribute a different item to the dinner, including dessert! AQUA volunteers serve around 100 patrons and build ongoing relationships with them.
  • Food Rescue

    Every Saturday morning, AQUA Corps volunteers meet at the Willingboro ACME at 9:00 AM to pick up about 1,000 lbs. of donated food! The boxes of grocery items are placed in the volunteers' vehicles and brought to the TOUCH NJ food bank in Camden, NJ. The volunteers weigh the food they bring in for donation purposes; then they place the items on the appropriate shelves and or refrigerators inside the pantry. Once the volunteers are finished, the TOUCH NJ food bank is stocked and ready to feed vulnerable individuals and families for the week!
  • Thanksgiving Celebration for the Homeless

    AQUA Corps's Annual Thanksgiving Celebration for the Homeless is our most well-known event. In fact, it was our first event! The night before Thanksgiving, fifty homeless individuals from Camden and fifty homeless individuals from Philadelphia are picked up on a limo bus and taken to a wedding hall in South Jersey. Once inside, volunteers serve our dignified guests a catered turkey dinner. Our guests and volunteers dance together and enjoy a live band! At the end of the evening, our guests are given a winter coat and several pairs of socks.
  • Basket Drives

    AQUA Corps coordinates basket drives for various holidays. This past November, AQUA Corps volunteers gathered 150 baskets complete with all of the necessities for a Thanksgiving Dinner, including the frozen turkey, sides, dessert, and even decorations! These baskets were personally hand delivered by our volunteers to the doors of families in the Camden County. Just at the start of the 2013 Spring season, AQUA Corps prepared 100 baskets with toys and candy for children in the Camden area.
  • Beautification Projects

    AQUA Corps has organized several projects where our volunteers beautify and revitalize spaces in our community that are designated for helping those in need. Our volunteers have painted a local shelter, painted and cleaned the kitchen at St. Paul's Church where we hold our Sunday Dinners, cleaned and decorated the TOUCH NJ Food Bank, and more! Last year, volunteers revitalized a house for four formerly homeless men in Philadelphia. Volunteers cleaned the home and provided new furniture. AQUA Corps hopes that by making these spaces brighter, we will create an environment for hope, change, and service!
  • Signature Events

    AQUA Corps responds to the needs of underserved communities and the interests of our volunteers. We have hosted a wide range of special events, such as a pasta dinner to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia; a site that one of our volunteers holds very close to his heart. We held two beef and beers to raise funds for African and Caribbean immigrant families with chronic and serious health conditions. We are involved with and support the events of our volunteers and partner organizations. This past fall, AQUA co-organized and staffed a Health Fair in Camden targeted at homeless individuals which is now a bi-annual event. AQUA volunteers join together to participate in walks or races for various causes they care about passionately!

The AQUA Community:
Unity & Altruism

AQUA Community

The AQUA Corps community is comprised of adults from South Jersey to Philadelphia, and even as far as King of Prussia! This team is brought together because they share the same passion to volunteer to create positive change with those who need it the most. AQUA volunteers range in age from young adults to grandparents! Our members come from various careers and walks of life sharing different perspectives and ideas. One of the greatest rewards our volunteers experience comes from being a part of the AQUA community. Brought together by the desire to make a difference, the AQUA community is compassionate, energized, and welcoming! Lasting relationships are formed and strengthened with service. We would love to welcome you to our family!

AQUA Corps is prepared to respond to any need from our community, partner organizations, or volunteers! The AQUA Community supports ideas from our volunteers and helps put them in action and become a reality!

Hear From our

"AQUA Corps is different. If you invest your time with them, you will not get two hours of feel-good, but ineffective, service followed by three hours at the bar. What you will get is true, selfless, meaningful volunteering that is actually helping make a change. You will meet other extraordinary individuals. You will make a lasting impact in the community."

Pat Dobslaw | Executive Director, Life Unchained

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